As a member of community, we do contribute to the society by offering what we can.
We pursue a profit as a result of creating value to customers

Contribution to country As a going concern company we import / export high-quality products to earn foreign currency to pay taxes.
Protection of environment Dealing with environmental improvement products in our core business and promoting the Eco-friendly activities at all times.
1. We do promote separating trash for the protection of global environment.
2. Activities that do not waste lighting and utilizing LED for energy-saving.
Creation of value Quality products to the world.
1. As a trading company we provide valuable information to customers.
2. Working all employees with extra care for confidentiality.
To employees We have strived to create a culture that contributes to people’s success.
1. Supporting employees career-up plans.
2. Providing emergency kit and helmet for the preparation for disaster.
3. Promoting NO harassment environment.
Contribution to shareholder Continuously returning to shareholders by company effort to make profit.